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Admirable Advocacies of Modern Day Sheroes

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Empowering the Nation: Modern Day Filipina Sheroes and Their Impactful Advocacies

Every Filipina woman should feel proud of her heritage and heritage. Our ancestors fought for our freedom and carved the path for our success. Today, modern-day Filipina sheroes continue to push boundaries and break barriers to help improve our nation in ways that matter. These inspiring women are a source of motivation and hope.

Let us take a look at some of these admirable Filipina sheroes and their advocacies.

Ana Patricia Non

Ana Patricia Non is the founder of the Maginhawa Community Pantry. This initiative serves as a model of non-profit and volunteerism in the Philippines. She started this organization with the aim of helping those affected by COVID-19, providing basic goods and necessities for free.

Ray Alyannah Ysabel Lagasca

Ray Alyannah Lagasca is a dedicated advocate for mental health, envisioning a world where seeking help is free from stigma. She possesses a special passion for supporting the youth sector in managing the challenges of mental well-being.

Lorelie Quiambao Osial

Lorelie Quiambao Osial holds the distinction of being the inaugural Filipina to assume the role of President and CEO at Pilipinas Shell, as well as the esteemed position of Country Chair for Shell Companies in the Philippines. A staunch advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, she is also deeply committed to driving digital transformation within the organization.

A Nation of Sheroes

In an effort to empower and inspire more women to engage in acts of kindness, regardless of their scale, InLife Sheroes has initiated the Nation of Sheroes. Recently, dedicated volunteers from InLife ventured to Baguio, Muntinlupa, and Davao Cities, offering their valuable services to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Together, we can create a better world, one act of kindness at a time.

In Baguio, dedicated InLife volunteers efficiently packed and transported fresh vegetables, generously donated to the Maginhawa Community Pantry. This collaborative effort was made possible through the coordination of Cordillera Landing On You, a group committed to supporting Baguio farmers in directly bringing and selling their produce to consumers in Manila.

In Muntinlupa City, compassionate volunteers skillfully organized art materials and hygiene kits for the wards of Elsie Gaches Village. This remarkable facility provides exceptional care and rehabilitation for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

In Davao, selfless volunteers wholeheartedly delivered nourishing food and essential hygiene kits to the pediatric cancer patients of the Southern Philippines Medical Center. These courageous young individuals find temporary shelter and solace at the House of Hope.

Become Part of the Movement

“Nation of Sheroes includes not just women. Everyone can become a part of it through their SHEROISM,” according to InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae L. Martinez.

“We are confident that like InLife Sheroes, the Nation of Sheroes will also become a movement. We have seen the willingness of Filipinos to do their own acts of kindness during the most challenging times in our history. With the Nation of Sheroes, we hope to spread kindness wherever we are and whatever our situation in life is.”

Join this groundbreaking movement and become a Shero today!

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