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Live Your Best Life

Financial Literacy

To become financially-savvy is our goal! Real talk on paychecks, savings, investments, and everything about finances that a SHERO can learn to get ahead in life.

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What A Woman Should Have by 40

Fabulous at forty should not be rocket science. Women our age should have things figured out, right? The struggling 20s are over, the existentialist 30s are behind us. In fact,...

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5 Ways You Can Slay Personal Finance

Understanding your cash flow need not be complicated. Understanding the basics of how your money comes and goes and how best to save it is a basic life skill that everyone needs.

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The Money Diet

The word "diet" conjures up negative emotions. Our brain starts to list down words like reduce, decrease, lessen and avoid. The truth of the matter is that diet simply means the...

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Money And Your Emotion, A Woman's Guide

The rush of exhilaration when you finally hand over a handsome amount for a dream designer bag is proof enough that our emotion and our money are tied together. It's...

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Debt Questions You Were Afraid To Ask

We've been there before. We wake up in the middle of the night realizing our cash has bottomed out and we are neck-deep in debt. Or maybe not. Maybe it's...

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