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Mommy-owned Food Businesses You NEED to Try

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You know what they say—nothing beats the taste of mom’s cooking. From pandemic eats to long-time restaurant favorites, these mommy-owned food businesses are ones that the Sheroes team keeps coming back to. Support local moms in your community this Mother’s Day by trying out their delicious offerings!

1. Does Your Mom Love Greens & Eating Clean? Try Isabel’s by Isabel Tanseco 

The brainchild of retired couple Isabel & Gerry Tanseco started with a dream to own a small farm at their Tagaytay retirement abode. The plan was to grow delicious, healthy, and organic greens and crops for their family’s personal use in delectable and nourishing dishes. However, this journey grew more important to them when they realized that the value of organic produce needed to be shared. This was the start of Isabel’s.

Since then, Isabel’s has grown into a bustling family business. From providing fresh greens and produce and now to fulfilling meal plan subscriptions and sharing healthy treats around the Metro with the gastronomic expertise of Chef and General Manager, Chinky Tanseco. Give Isabel’s a try if you have been craving a healthy detox from ordering fast-food delivery!

Must Try Treats from Momma: Chicken Roka Salad, Korean Samgyup Bowl, Tofu Sisig

2. Is Your Mom Craving Chinese Eats at Your Next Family Gathering? Try China Mommy 

Originating in San Juan as favorite of students and monks at the local Buddhist temple, this comfort food Chinese joint is full of homey deliciousness that had the creator’s family hyping it up to their respective circles while keeping traditional Filipino-Chinese recipes alive in these modern times.

What started with five kids, a Buddhist temple, and several students to feed became into a burgeoning family business that brought heritage cuisine to the mainstream. China Mommy’s own history of growing up with seafood and vegetables as her main diet is seen in her best-selling menu offerings, like her Special Curry Crabs, Chinese Lumpia, and Sibut. What sets China Mommy apart from other joints with similar cuisine is its dedication to making vegetarian and pescetarian options available!

Must Try Treats from Momma: Original Fortune Bags, China Mommy Special Lumpia, Salted Fried Crabs

3. Does Momma Want to Indulge in Comfort Food? Try Sweet Ecstasy 

Not many people know that this award-winning burger joint is owned by super cool DJ Mom Monica Tobias. At its inception, this home-grown burger place was meant to be a milkshake and dessert parlor where kids and kids at heart could enjoy delectable sweets with their families. However, the team behind Sweet Ecstasy also wanted to expand their offerings beyond the realm of creamy shakes and baked confections. 

Even with just five branches in Luzon, Sweet Ecstasy has garnered continental attention as one of Asia’s top burger places but continues to fly under the radar of some long-time Manila residents. Treat your mom to something fun and comforting this Mother’s Day and order up a delicious, sweet and salty meal that she is sure to love.

Must Try Treats from Momma: The Peanut Butter Jalapeno Burger, The Steam Burger, Nashville Hot Wings, Ecstasy Fries

There are many more mommy-owned food joints that have risen in popularity over the years, but these three have come forward with amazing and beloved offerings that entire families have enjoyed. Unsurprising, considering that all three are created by loving and awesome moms. Celebrate them as you celebrate yours by ordering up this Mother’s Day!

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