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Real Life SHEROES: 3 Powerful Women Who Found Their Calling

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Allow the stories of these modern SHEROES to inspire and empower you!

The era of bold and inspiring women is now. Whether you are a SHERO breaking boundaries in a corporate jungle, or a proud SHERO momma with a passion for being hands on in raising her kids, it is time to celebrate yourself, and the other powerful females in our everyday lives. 

We are stronger together. 

There is nothing quite like girls supporting girls. After all, we need to look out for each other. In many industries, women are only just starting to get the recognition and opportunities they deserve. If you are unsure on how to empower other women in the workplace and your respective circles or want some inspiration that you are on the right track yourself, read on and discover the stories of some empowered Filipino women!

Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera 

Makeup Mogul Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera is a loving mom and the proud CEO of the renowned home-grown makeup brand, Colourette Cosmetics. Loved by local and international makeup enthusiasts alike, the brand debuted in 2015 and has since achieved cult status with a following aptly named “Boss Babes” by the chief Boss Babe herself. Their dedicated Facebook page, the Colourette branding, and Dizon-Cabrera all promote inclusivity, woman empowerment, and self-love.

Colourette has found praise from personalities the likes of Bretman Rock and has gained new heights of popularity. These new heights have given Cabrera-Dizon a platform to share her valuable voice that has empowered women entrepreneurs and weighed in on important societal issues like Philippine politics, gender equality, and many others.

Manifest Nina by: Taking the plunge and putting up your business idea! Your business may just be the next big thing.  

Angel Locsin 

This real-life superhero rose to fame during her stint as the Filipina comic book hero Darna in the early 2000s. Considered one of Philippine cinema’s most iconic actresses, Angel Locsin has a variety of roles in different genres and has produced her share of local films. However, it was in recent years that the feminist actress has risen as a champion for the common Filipino by engaging in activism and charity work. The celebrity-activist was also one of the first on the public sphere, providing much needed aided for affected Filipinos at the start of this pandemic and to this day.

In a country where showbiz is a big part of our culture, Locsin is a perfect example of how modern empowered women in the Philippines can use their platforms to raise pressing societal issues and become a positive role model to young girls while practicing their craft in acting. Against the expectations of neutrality and meekness, Miss Locsin not only speaks her mind; she roars as a proud SHERO should.

Manifest Angel by: Voicing out your opinions and living out your ideals! Don’t be shy to stand up for what you believe in, whether at the workplace, or in your community. Live out your ideals in day-to-day life or look for charities that support causes that you are passionate about and donate or volunteer for them!

Anne Curtis-Heussaff 

Another SHERO mommy and actress on the list is new mother Anne Curtis! A little-known fact about the Kapamilya actress is her important role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador—a role she has proudly had since 2018. The actress turned businesswoman has long been a voice against child exploitation and hunger in the Philippines, participating in the UNICEF London Marathon and even celebrating 1-year-old Dahlia’s birthday by conducting a fundraiser for her UNICEF endeavors, called ‘The First 1,000 Days’. The campaign was inspired by her participation in the UNICEF efforts in our country, and how she has personally seen the importance of a child’s first one thousand days in the world truly are.

Her persistent charity efforts have made the actress rise above the label of her profession. Quietly yet actively participating in UNICEF efforts, she has helped aid the education and development of children in far-flung and poverty-stricken communities. If anything, motherhood has only made Anne’s passion stronger. Anne’s most recent project includes a partnership with sister-in-law Solenn Heussaff to launch an online store specifically helping mommies just like them!

Manifest Anne by: Being a hands-on mom and raising your child with a lifestyle that reflects your beliefs and encourages them to appreciate what they have. Remember that you are your child’s first teacher, and you can instill the importance of kindness and generosity in them from an early age.

No matter what kind of SHERO you are, remember to proudly speak your truth and empower other women in your life. Whether you dream of launching your own business, being a voice for other women, or draw your joy from being a hands-on mother, be a proud SHERO that supports fellow SHEROES!

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