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Safe and Cool through Summer and COVID-19

  • Health & Wellness


With days of extreme heat upon us and with the government loosening lockdown regulations compared to summer last year, it’s natural for all of us to be really itching to go outside to jump at the chance of escaping this weather.

Because the fact is that only a few people have the luxury of staying indoors, at home, the entire day with the AC at the lowest thermostat. That costs good money. That leave many others having to deal with the heat in front of the electric fan on number 3.

On the other hand, some of us need to make regular unavoidable trips outside for work or for errands, which we really have to wrap ourselves up for. And while having all these protective layers on us throughout the day can keep the virus away, it also increases our core body temperature which gives rise to other health concerns.

Now that we have to “keep safe” in more ways than one, Dr. Naheeda D. Mustofa, like a true Shero, comes to our aid with a FREE webinar called Summer Heat and COVID-19: How to Stay Safe and Cool.

Join us and our friends at Insular Health Care on May 20 at 10:00 AM as Dr. Naheeda, a practitioner of internal medicine, discusses heat-related illnesses, its symptoms, precautions, and tips on dealing with the heat in a time of COVID-19.

Make sure not to miss this event. You can share it with family and friends, too. It’s going to be a hot one! 

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