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Shop For Your Shape

  • Women Specific


Ladies, when it comes to finding the perfect outfit time and time again, there’s a formula that guarantees you end up looking 10/10 all the time! If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of body type you have or what types of clothing best suits you, you’ve come to the right place– this article is going to show you all the different types of body types and how you can dress to impress! Learn how to draw attention to your best features with the following pro-tips:

HOURGLASS (a.k.a. curvy)

Definite waistline, bust and hip are generally even, full bust, hips, and thighs. You are blessed with symmetry; this is the ideal body shape, so flaunt it! Show off your figure with body hugging outfits and belted dresses. V- and sweetheart necklines draw attention to your torso. A-line dresses flatter the lower part of your body. Pretty much anything will look good on you, so don’t hide your assets in loose clothes. 

PEAR (a.k.a. triangle):

Waist is wider than the bust, hips are wider than the shoulders, full rear. You can balance out a heavier bottom and create an hourglass silhouette with wide legged pants, A-line skirts or dresses. Ruffled or busy blouses, crop tops, and sweetheart, V-, scoop or boat necklines that highlight your torso are flattering. You can also do skinny jeans with voluminous tops. Steer clear of tight tops and loose bottoms.

APPLE (a.k.a. inverted triangle):

Hips are narrower than your shoulders, waistline is unclear

Your broad shoulders and chest make you top heavy, and you collect weight around the middle. Since you have a heftier midsection, divert attention from here and draw the eye to your favorite features. Like your legs? Flaunt them in minis. Wear deep V-necklines to get the illusion of narrower shoulders and a longer torso. Flowy tops flatter your shape; so do A-line or empire cuts. Dresses with small prints or patterns, and jacket hems that hit at the hip or upper thigh keep the eye moving from your middle. Monochromatic styles, dark colors, and full-sleeved dresses are safe bets, while straight-cut jeans, boot cut pants and hip-defining designs such as pencil-cut skirts and skinny jeans provide balance. Form-fitting clothes are no-nos. The upper body must be kept simple while the lower body can wear more elaborate styles. 

ATHLETIC (a.k.a. rectangle)

Shoulders and hips measure about the same and the waist is undefined; just straight from top to bottom. You’re not curvy; your silhouette is fairly straightforward and your weight is pretty much evenly distributed throughout your shape. Think hourglass figure without the clear-cut waist. So, highlight your assets: your arms and legs. Choose A-line skirts, and tops with ruffles and layers. Go for dresses that emphasize the lower part of your body and necklines that beef up your upper body. You can carry sleeveless, strapless and sweetheart necklines with class, while blazers, long jackets and even capes can call attention your way. You can pretty much wear anything except for ostentatious outfits that can be too overwhelming for your figure. 

Shopping for our shape need not be a dreadful experience. We can all be confidently beautiful whatever our form may be, so long as we are aware of our features and flaws and know how to play them up. With InLife Sheroes, you don’t need to worry about toughing it out alone. In this lifetime, you have a tribe of empowered women to support and nurture you. Explore the website to learn more about the causes we support.

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