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Taking Care of your Back

  • Health & Wellness


While working from home has helped keep people physically distanced, another health concern is on the rise: back pains from improvised home workstations. 

If you’ve been using a low side table as your desk, typing on the laptop in your couch or sharing your children’s crowded study area for the past year, you probably experienced lower back pain that lingers. Working longer hours, not having a supportive chair and poor posture can all lead to back pain. 

Mr. Clement Cesar V. Andrada, a licensed physical therapist, and our friends at Insular Health Care join InLife Sheroes in tackling this issue this July 22, 2021 at 10:00 AM. This free webinar called “Building Workplace Resilience: Taking Care of Your Back” will give insights on how to keep your back healthy and happy. 


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