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The Positive Impact the Pandemic Has Had on Our Lives

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The Positive Side Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no use beating around the bush – the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everybody. It caught us all by surprise and has without a doubt turned our lives upside down. For sure, the way your 2020 ended was nowhere near how you imagined it would, but that’s not entirely a bad thing! In fact, there are quite a number of positive outcomes of the pandemic.

Here are some of the positive impacts the pandemic has personally had on our lives.

1. Strengthened Relationships

Almost every country in the world has had to undergo some form of quarantine or lockdown in 2020. With that, we realized the value of the connections we had in our lives. We were all so busy in the past that we never really had the time to stop and really talk to our friends and loved ones, so the lockdowns gave us all the opportunity to reconnect and schedule more regular meetings with everyone, even if just virtually.


2. Getting Fit

Because we were stuck at home, we finally had the chance to exercise and get fit. The hours spent stuck in traffic were now used to work out instead. Hallelujah! Thanks to technology and online shopping, we didn’t even really need to go to the gym anymore. We realized that we could find great workouts (for free!) online or opt to subscribe to our favorite studio for classes if we wanted to.

InLife Sheroes even gave us our own workout. Short enough, resourceful enough, and intense enough for anyone to do!

3. Financial Education

One of the biggest financial lessons learned from COVID-19 is that you really can’t just depend on your job. Sadly, so many people lost their jobs in 2020. If you did not have savings or investments to fall back on, you were really left in a bad place.


With the extra time we had on our hands, we were able to learn more about the different financial options we had to help ensure the same does not happen to us. A lot of people invested in things such as stocks, bonds, and insurance like She Cares by Sheroes to have a fallback in case their companies folded – which is a very wise financial decision!


4. A Premium on Health

It’s fair to say a lot of people worried about their health in 2020, and we’re glad to see that people were proactive about it! 2020 saw a big spike in health insurance during the pandemic. While we’re grateful multiple pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, it’s always a good idea to invest in health insurance to keep us protected for those rainy days.


5. New Hobbies


Many Pinoys picked up new and exciting hobbies during the pandemic, and some were even able to make a living out of them! From home cooks and bakers to plantitas, tarot card readers to painters, almost everybody has picked up a new hobby that has helped to live in quarantine a little easier and more entertaining.

The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly go down as a historic moment in time. While it may have been a scary one, we’re glad to have been able to find some light in it!

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