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Why Regular Checkups are Important

  • Health & Wellness


Braving the Unknown: Why You Should Get Regularly Checked 

It’s easy to put off doctors’ visits, especially if you’re feeling healthy. But one of the bravest and best things you can do for yourself and for your loved ones is making time for regular checkups. Having these periodically are important for catching small problems before they turn into big ones. If you’re overdue for a checkup, don’t worry – this post will help make the process a little less scary. 

Why You Need Regular Checkups 

Following a regular checkup schedule will give your doctor a chance to catch any problems early. That means if you have a condition like high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, it can be treated before it causes any more serious damage and health problems. 

Checkups also give you a chance to ask your doctor about any health concerns or questions you may have. And if you're due for any immunizations or screenings, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy, your doctor can remind and help you make sure you get them done. Checkups are also key to getting essential preventive care, such as vaccinations and cancer screenings. 

Another reason why regular checkups are so critical is that it gives you a chance to create a lifelong relationship with your physician. This is important because your physician, knowing your medical history, will be able to provide the best medical needs for you, especially in the event of an emergency. When your doctor knows you and your health history, they are better equipped to make decisions about your treatment! They can provide you with the guidance and support you need in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are also more equipped to answer your questions, help you understand your medical requirements, and give you referrals to specialists if needed. And if you're ever faced with a major health crisis, they'll be there to help navigate you through it. 

How Often Should You Get a Checkup? 

The general rule of thumb is that adults should visit their doctor or another healthcare provider at least once a year for a preventive care visit. This visit is an opportunity to discuss any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as to receive screenings for conditions such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease, you may need to see your doctor more frequently. And if you're pregnant or over the age of 65, you may also need more frequent visits. If you also have a family member who has been diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, you need to get regular checkups as the risk of you having the same illness is higher. Ultimately, it's important to talk to your doctor about how frequently you need to do visits so they can also help you create a plan that meets your individual needs.

Caring for yourself is one of the most important things you can do. However, self-care can be expensive, and many women put off regular checkups because they don't have the money or the time. That's where  InLife Sheroes comes in. 

Talk to an InLife Sheroes Financial Advisor who can help you find an insurance product that best suits your needs and budget. They can help you prepare for your financial future so that when the time comes, you are afforded options and the opportunity to keep caring for the people you love and to keep going after your ambitions. So don't wait – be brave and take care of yourself today with Sheroes.

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