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Dec 08, 2017

InLife x IFC Partner To Empower Sheroes

Insular Life (InLife), the first and largest Filipino life insurance company and the only mutual company in the Philippines, prides itself in serving Filipinos through products and services that promise to deliver a lifetime for good. In its commitment to improve lives and build a stronger nation, InLife has signed a partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, that is poised to champion the Filipina. The movement, aptly named Sheroes, recognizes women as a pillar of strength and vows to empower them.

Nina D. Aguas, the Executive Chairperson of InLife, said, "We are very happy and privileged to join IFC in this cause to help women become self-reliant and financially independent. As an inherently Filipino institution, serving our countrymen for 108 years now, Insular Life has always looked out for ways to help improve the lives of Filipinos. And so, if there is any insurance company in the Philippines that will embrace this program, it is us. In fact, the economic or profitability component in the equation is not as crucial to us as the opportunity to expand our reach to the uninsured, unserved women out there, using technology to enable us to find innovative ways to create meaningful and long-term relationships with them.

"With Sheroes now in fruition, the next step for the two powerhouses is to establish a presence in the digital sphere by highlighting focus areas that intrigue, excite, and engage women from various backgrounds and life stages . Its plethora of content that has sprouted from key focus areas such as Financial Literacy, Health & Wellness, Women-Specific Solutions, and Connections to Business & Social Networks, Sheroes is set to empower this country, one Filipina at a time.

Sheroes is a movement that enables women to break the stigmas within cultures and society; a constant source of support for women of ever-changing paths. This is a space curated for women, with the aim to empower them through financial literacy, life tips, career enrichment opportunities, and inspiring stories from like-minded individuals. Satisfy your penchant for success and follow your dreams with us; your partners in life.

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