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11 Ways to Still Enjoy the Weekend to Survive Quarantine


    At this point, I’m sure you’re already starting to feel how much being in quarantine feels like Groundhog Day – waking up every day to do the same things all over again. Your routine might be getting you in the best physical shape of your life, but your mental health needs attention, too. 


    Here are 11 different ways to spend the weekend to help you overcome the mental and emotional challenges that come with digesting this new normal. May they replenish your seemingly exhausted resources and experiences that have kept you going for the past four weeks.


    1.  Turn work off

    Remember when we talked about setting boundaries? It wasn't only about physical space and the time of day. It’s also the time of the week. The office is now your home and you're not allowed to leave home. I understand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t leave work. That's different. Put it down, Monday will come. 


    2. Splurge a little on food

    There’s no doubt your adobo is bomb. Mine is, too! But to fully appreciate the weekend, the same way we did before going into quarantine, celebrate it with food. You can even try your hand at designing your own tablescape. And you don’t have to cook up a feast. The ice cream, ensaymada, wagyu cubes or pork chop that wasn’t there in the past five days will do the trick. It’s the weekend, #treatyoself! 

    3.  Keep traditions alive

    If your entire family gets together every weekend for a meal, you should definitely still push through with it! Agree on a time to start the video group chat and meet up from your respective dining tables. With food in front of you, you’re sure to have a good time. Here’s a list of apps you can use depending on the size of your family: the new Facebook Messenger desktop app (unlimited pax), Skype (up to 50 pax), Facetime (up to 31 pax), Google Duo (up to 12 pax), and Houseparty (up to 8 pax).


    4. Have brunch with the gang

    It’s been a good while since any of us had a night out. I’m sure you miss your friends as much as I do mine. So, why not set up a brunch together? Recreate café feels with the smell of brewed coffee and freshly baked bread. Prepare a group menu so you can share and compare recipes. It’ll be nice to get new meal ideas that you can prepare later on for the family.


    5. Dress up so you can dress down

    If you’re working from home Monday to Friday, it’s a good idea to dress up as you would on a regular workday. Dressing as if you mean business will not only bring out your A game, but it will allow you to appreciate fully wearing more comfortable clothes during the weekend. In the evening, though, whether or not you report to a 9 to 5, why don’t you play dress up? Put on a dress or some jeans when you have that special weekend celebratory meal.


    6. Set aside time with each child

    This school shutdown is a great chance to make better relationships with our kids and teenagers. During weekends B.C. (Before Coronavirus), we were still busy with errands that couldn’t be done on workdays. Now that we’re fully present at home, we can dedicate one-on-one time to really get to know each child. They say the days are long but the years are short and we might not get time like this again. 


    7. Go to the theater

    You can consider retiring Netflix for the weekend. If you’re a musical lover like me, check out BroadwayHD for a rich catalogue of shows. It’s a paid service but you can give the 7-day free trial a shot first before going all in. The Metropolitan Opera is also streaming shows while its closed. You know what the best part is? You can sing along as loud as you want because there’s no row in front to shush you!


    8. Visit a tourist attraction

    Oh, the places you’ll go… with a good internet connection. You can catch the sunset in the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (they’re 7 hours behind us) or take a “walking” tour of the Taj MahalDisneyworld, the Sydney Opera House, and a whole load of museums around the world (including the Louvre). If you had to cancel a trip abroad like I did, this should do for now. 

    9. Hear mass

    Chances are the church you would go to B.C. streams the celebration or service on their website or on Facebook Live. When you tune in, try to dress up in your Sunday best. Even if no one is around and you aren’t physically in the house of the Lord, you are welcoming Him into your home. He deserves the best we have inside and out.


    10. Help your community

    While your Mon-Fri might have been spent helping clients out, your Sat-Sun could be dedicated to frontliners and the less fortunate. The pandemic has forced all of us to live extraordinary lives and these two groups are the most impacted. Medical supplies, cooked meals, and packaged snacks are in great demand every single day. If you can’t get your hands on any of these, you can also consider donating to an organization like the Insular Foundation to act in your behalf. 


    11. RELAX

    Indeed, these are stressful times. It might be difficult to remain calm when uncertainty and bad news fill our screens. But staying at home is what is asked of us to overcome this. To ease your burdens, try listening to soothing music, lighting candles, doing yoga, having a warm drink, writing your emotions, or these quarantine-specific self-care tips from a fellow Shero.

    None of us imagined we would be cooped up for days on end. It might not be comfortable, but it's times of struggle that push us to grow. Out of this, we blossom into more responsible, caring, thoughtful, mature, and kind human beings  and isn't that just what the world needs?

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