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dancing mommy, enterpreneur, biker

EMAIL // letstalk@inlifesheroes.com

MOBILE // 09980000000

    Cora Line

    President & CEO
    Magsaysay Group of Companies
    2019 Asia CEO InLife Shero Grand Awardee
    "The braver you are the more you'll see."

    Articles by Cora

    How to Prevent Skin Problems from Wearing a Mask

    The right skin care routine and good hygiene habits can help lessen mask-related skin damage and breakouts.

    • Aug 19, 2020

    Women in Business VS Coronavirus

    There is much to learn from different perspectives to accelerate progress towards achieving more inclusive business practices.

    • Aug 01, 2020

    Yes, We Can! Yes, The Filipino Brand Can!

    Because we are Filipino, we’ve shown up with fortitude and heart and we will prove that yes, we can! And YES, THE FILIPINO BRAND CAN!

    • Jul 19, 2020

    How You Can Earn Money in a Lockdown

    Whether this comes to you in the form of a distraction, relaxation or income augmentation, filling ourselves with positive thoughts and feelings is the linchpin to survival.

    • Apr 29, 2020

      11 Ways to Still Enjoy the Weekend to Survive Quarantine

      Here are ways to spend the weekend to help you overcome the mental and emotional challenges that come with this new normal

      • Apr 14, 2020

      6 Easy Ways to Get Healthy and Strong During a Community Quarantine

      It’s a great time to get used to spending time at home and taking care of ourselves, especially when our best defense against the stealth coronavirus is a strong and healthy body.

      • Mar 18, 2020

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