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12 Female Empowerment Gifts to Give

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12 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Women

Looking for the perfect gift for that GirlBoss in your life? Don’t worry! We’ve gathered 12 Christmas gift ideas for women that can empower the important ladies in your life.

1. Filigree Tambourine Accessories

The Philippines has its ancient way of creating jewelry called filigree tambourine. Mana PH is striving to keep this tradition alive by partnering with the last filigree master craftsman and making the filigree pieces accessible to more people.

2. Philippine Pearls

Philippine pearls are one of the most coveted variety pearls in the world. You can give this precious gift to important women in your life like your mom, boss, or lola. You can find Philippine pearls in various online stores or if you prefer to see them in person, Greenhills and Kultura shops have several different pearl jewelries to choose from.

3. Woven Bags

Every goal-oriented woman needs a bag to hold all of her daily essentials. Clarisse Provido takes this a step further by creating beautiful woven bags that highlight the Philippines’ traditional woven materials like the banig inspired bags.

4. Workwear

ANTHILL Market crafts stunning pieces that can grab anyone’s attention. They partner with various local weavers and use their woven fabrics to create contemporary clothing for all occasions.

5. Shoes

No outfit is complete without stylish shoes. Cora & Bear creates playful and colorful footwear that can be worn both in and out of the office. Made in Marikina, the shoe capital of the Philippines, Cora & Bear helps provide small-time shoemakers with a living.

6. Mask

A mask is definitely an essential piece of any OOTD, or Outfit-of-the-Day, especially as more and more people head out for the office. These local woven masks keep the user protected while promoting local artisans at the same time.

7. Healthy Food

Help your friends take care of their bodies from the inside out with a delicious AND nutritious food subscription box. You can choose one that suits their nutritional needs or current diet. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous and reusable tampipi box and every purchase helps employ smallholder farmers!

8. Coffee

Most people need a jolt from a good cup of joe to start their day. The people behind The Dream Coffee PH work hard to bring everyday Filipinos 100% single origin Philippine Arabica coffee sourced directly from farmers in T’Boli, South Cotabato.

9. Planner

Planners are good gifts for businesswomen. It allows them to get organized and see everything they need to do in one go.

10. Home décor

The geniuses behind Native Manila have carefully curated various pieces that can bring a touch of elegance and style to any home. Best of all, the pieces they carry highlight local materials and designs!

11. Gin

Reward your GirlBoss friend for all the hard work she’s done this year with a bottle of local gin from Sta. Ana Gin. Sta. Ana Gin can only be purchased in the Philippines and uses a medley of local botanicals like the ylang-ylang to distill in their premium gin.

12. Fountain Pens

A fountain pen has long been a symbol of prestige and luxury. Now you can get them without spending an arm and a leg at Kasama Pens. Crafted in small batches, Kasama Pens are made using locally sourced materials and proudly feature Filipino-inspired designs.

We hope you’ve found a piece or two to gift all the special women in your life with, even if that woman is yourself. You can also shop for premium gifts while supporting local Pinay businesswomen at the InLife Sheroes Digital Bazaar!

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