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5 Mantras to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Buddhists believe that when you meet someone and your heart pounds like crazy, your knees feel like buckling, and you’re at wits end, that’s not The One. When you meet the person destined for you, you’ll feel calm. Anxiety and agitation take their bow and exit stage right. Your soulmate is someone that makes you feel like you’ve got everything under wraps.

I used to love this notion of true love and finding “The One,” up until I grew up and realized I didn’t need to go on a legendary journey to find another person that could make my heart happy, healthy, and whole. I could do it just fine and being at my prime would have the people meant to gravitate towards me find their way into my orbit, naturally.

Getting into this headspace doesn’t happen overnight, but following these habits to keeping your heart healthy is a great start. Done any of these before?

"Delete, unblock, remove, unfriend" 

It's not holds barred! You don’t owe anyone an explanation when it comes to your mental health and what’s good for you. Ridding yourself of the toxic elements in your life is one of the most important steps in paving a clear path towards peace of mind and a healthy heart – two things that could bring you more value than a hot Instagram pic surrounded by “real” friends could possibly bring you.

"Take the stairs"

Lord knows you need it. Living it up in the digital age and making the most out of the technological advances of today isn’t an excuse to have your body waste away in exchange for comfort. Wean yourself off of the idea that good health and fitness is something that you can just pick up later on in life or when you’re in desperate need of it. It’s either “one day” or “day one.” Which is it, sport?


Basically, it's okay to clock out the moment the work day ends. Honda dotPeople in the office who shame others for having a personal life outside of the 9 to 5 grind need a crash course in minding their own business. Never be ashamed of leaving the cubicle when it’s time. You’re responsible for your time and the work that you do, and so long as you get it done and your supervisor’s life is a lot easier with you around, why mind anything else? A happier, more confident you with the benefit of being able to enjoy a successful work/life balance? Less acne, stress, and heart ache for sure!

"Juice your veggies, eat your fruits"

You’re binging on your favorite Netflix show, salsa and Doritos in hand, and you’re thinking “Nothing gets better than this,” up until you have to get up and your joints hurt and you notice you’re more sluggish than decent. Turning a blind eye towards unhealthy food choices is something people do too often, but even the food that we eat plays a huge role for our mood, mind, and body. A daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies are fantastic at keeping your spirits high and your body in tip-top shape, when paired with regular exercise.

"Buy that dress"

Your victories, no matter how small, all make for a wonderful big picture when everything fits together and falls into place. Be proud of the progress you make. Never let yourself be deterred by the pace of others. It’s their time right now, and you’re just about ready to bloom anytime now. When you do take center stage and wow everyone, you can be sure to have your InLife Sheroes team cheering loud and proud for you. So go buy that dress! Get those shoes! Don’t go breaking the bank! Make us proud!

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