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A Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2022

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Here in the Philippines, we have a saying that wonderfully describes what moms are in a home. “Ang Nanay ay ang Ilaw ng Tahanan.” This makes perfect sense—after all, it’s always Mom that comforts us with a gentle “Tahan Na” during a rough day. No matter how old you are, we are sure that you have a mother or mother figure in your life that you would like to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day. To help your job easier so you can focus on simply spending time with the most special woman in your life, we compiled a list of some of our team’s picks for the perfect Mama’s Day presents this 2022!

A Candle with Her Favorite Scents for the Self-Care Senora 

Candles have risen in popularity in recent years. Something about their appearance and scent is so soothing—even a stressful day can seem better after lighting one up. Give your mom a waxy pick-me-up by shopping a scented candle that contains her favorite scent notes. You can even have one personalized to have the design and scents that you think she would like for an extra special gift like no other!

A Collection of Photos for the MMK Nostalgia 

Some moms are all about the nostalgia. After all, nothing warms the heart like family! Put together a lovely décor piece by curating some photos of your mom and her loved ones and having them framed or displayed in a creative way. Give her a trip down memory lane with pics from her childhood and explore your family tree by having some old photos of your grandparents restored. By combining thoughtful memories with a creative design, you can add a fun touch of fond memories to your home. 

A Bouquet of Preserved Blooms for the Sweet Plantita 

Who said flowers were temporary? Get your mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day and have it preserved and dried so it lasts forever! Some small businesses offer this service and encase the bouquet in a beautiful glass display case ala Beauty and the Beast. Except this time, the last rose petal will never fall. Give your mom a chance to keep your blooming gift forever!

An Investment Plan for the Practical Momma 

Growing up, some of us had moms that were always practical, no nonsense, and absolutely dependable. Now that we’re older, we can see how important learning these traits are. Their practicality is part of what has brought us to where we are now, so it’s only natural to return the favor. The She Cares by Sheroes plan is a versatile investment plan that your dedicated mom is sure to appreciate. From the protection it gives to her health and finances, and the opportunities for financial growth, your practical momma is sure to appreciate this more than a shiny new accessory!

Finding the perfect mother’s gift may be a hard task, but it all boils down to the fact that you know your mom best. Whether you think she will enjoy any of the items above, or maybe the list opened your eyes to other gift ideas—relying on lists is nothing compared to the memories you have made with the woman who raised you, taught you, and cared for you. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and we wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

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