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The Expensive Blood Test That Unlocked Health Secrets

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A person sneezes beside me and I go down with a flu. That was how it was for me a few years back. I got sick all the time. I couldn’t remember a weekend when I wasn’t lying down with a box full of tissue, decongestants, and analgesics. It was also the time I had a slipped disc and a record-breaking number of flu episodes despite my flu shots. My body was rebelling. It was crazy. I was the first to be unwell when a virus started spreading and the last one to get well.

Something must be terribly wrong with me.

I decided to do something about it.

I marched to St. Luke’s Hospital and asked them to do tests. One blood test, in particular, set me back by Php 12,000 and it wasn’t at all funny. But I needed it so they could check what was wrong with me. The work-up took a few days.

Finally, a female immunologist sat me down with her diagnosis. There was nothing wrong with me. I had a weak immune system but my so-called immune soldiers were all complete. They just needed a little coaching and stern orders. The wonderful doctor prescribed three things to arm my soldiers so that they were always ready for battle. Sun. Water. Vitamin C. The three secrets to health. I was taken aback because I paid so much for the tests and the prescription was too simplistic. I felt cheated.

But I started soaking up the morning sun while jogging, took my Vitamin C consistently and drank water as prescribed. The sun, the water, and the Vitamin C we know to have healing powers on their own but working together they become more powerful. I didn’t realize that these three are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

My journey to becoming the last woman standing when a virus starts spreading must be an eye-opener to this pill-popping generation. Going back to basics and understanding the potent power of nature in bringing back the body to its original healthy state are key to living the best life!

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