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Bida ang Entrepinay: Life of a Super Mompreneur


    Not all superheroes wear capes. Some disguise themselves as women raising babies while building a business. That’s because it really takes a special kind of person to put grace and elbow grease together to create something (and someone or two or three!) so beautiful.

    Because for one to excel as a mompreneur, it requires the utmost love, commitment, patience, resilience, and strength. Even with all of these values emanating from you, there’s still no guarantee that your kids are going to turn into healthy, well-adjusted, productive members of society, or that your business will flourish.

    So. we say, salud! And we shine the light on you as we celebrate this mother’s month of May. 

    Ma. Gina "Heba" Arroyo Aloush

    Habbe Tailoring Shop

    2 years in business

    Facebook: @habbeshop | Instagram: @habbeshop

    Sheroes Store: https://habbeshop.linker.store/ 

    Mother to 2 children aged 7 and 5

    How did the idea for your business come about? 

    I didn't have money and proper education to start a business, but I always dreamed to have a business that will not only give me financial freedom but also would give me a chance and opportunity to make a difference. Habbe Tailoring Shop was built out of my intention to contribute in saving our environment and help my friends by providing them a regular income. It all started when I decided to step up in my green living journey. I decided to use washable and or reusable products and also hoped that I could also inspire others to switch to Eco-friendly products and take part in saving our environment. There was some ideas in mind that I wanted to craft and hoped to be able to sell. In the beginning I used my crocheting hobby and made some crocheted washable and reusable cotton pads to use as an Eco-friendly alternative to the disposable cottons or cotton swabs that we use for applying products on our faces. I posted it on Facebook and some of my friends liked the idea and the product and ordered. Eventually I got some more orders and found some challenges in production. I thought that if only it could be made by machine, I could make a lot more of it easier and faster. Then I remembered my father is a tailor, so I called him and we started to sew cloth cotton pads and also started to craft my other green product ideas such as cloth Pantyliners and Menstrual Pads. Eventually with God's grace became a real and legal business named Habbe Tailoring Shop. 


    How do you balance your entrepinay life with your family and friends? 

    Honestly, I still find it hard to balance entrepinay life with my family and friends. Until now Im still learning amd trying to improve balancing everything and find ways to be more effective in every aspect. Both side is important for me specially at this point of my life. What I'm doing right now is just do the most urgent first, then the next important and so on. Im not sure if its right but I survive. 

    What is the biggest challenge of being an entrepinay in the time of COVID-19? 

    Covid-19 brought a lot of challenges to everyone. And I myself as entrepinay had to face some common challenges every business had experienced during pandemic. But on the other side, I saw a lot of opportunities in it. Being a mother it helped me to be more productive and efficient. I was able to do my work such as finishing and  packing orders at home while learning through YouTube and attending a lot of webinars, and be able take care of my children and our home. I am also grateful that during pandemic although all my partner stores were closed, my online shops were able to generate better income than before and was able to cover all the revenues that my store partners used to generate before they all closed. Yeah! I survived Alhamdulillah. 


    What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to aspiring entrepinay? 

    If its not written it did not happen - a life saver for a business. Data is the new soil. Very important to record everything that is happening in the business. 

    What do you think is your advantage as a mommy entrepinay?

    Being an entrepinay, you have to do everything at the same time all by yourself especially if you are not lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It is very important that you are determined, patient hardworking and willing to sacrifice and to learn. I am a high school graduate who fortunately started a business by chance from a hobby. My intention to make a difference led me to where I am right now. I would say that my advantage with other mommy entrepinay is that I have a good intention and a lot of ideas, I am brave to conquer all the challenges through it all, eager to learn everything, willing to sacrifice, and always do everything with my heart. 


    Anne Krystle Yee

    Jacinto & Lirio

    11 years in business

    Facebook: @JacintoandLirio | Instagram: @jacintoandlirio  | Website: https://jacintoandlirio.com/

    Mother to a 1 year old

    How did the idea for your business come about? 
    It started from a university project, that later on become a social enterprise. During that time, water hyacinth is one of the major environmental problems our government was facing. One of my colleague's aunt was working in the government and she mentioned that water hyacinth was causing environmental pollution, due to this we focus on how we can make use of these pollutants in to something that is useful and also solve the problem as well, through the process of experiment we've learned that these pollutants are can be used 

    How do you balance your entrepinay life with your family and friends? 
    I block my time to balance time for work and personal life. 

    What is the biggest challenge of being an entrepinay in the time of COVID-19? 
    Not being able to go out to meet with people, work together with employees in the office, check production with our water hyacinth communities and product production and meet with prospects and clients

    What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to aspiring entrepinay? 
    Offer each work day to the Lord, He is our boss. 

    What do you think is your advantage as a mommy entrepinay?
    As a mommy entrepinay, I feel like the hard work that I exert in raising my son and managing my business translates into the pride I have in being a self made woman. It's definitely a lot of hardships, especially during this time.
    The skills I managed to learn and cultivate in my business which was my “1st baby” ,  I was able to be use in my new journey as a mother like training my baby the skills he will need to develop to his full potential, sacrificing my personal comfort for his benefit, feeling this unexplainable joy and love for a tiny human being and so much more.
    Likewise, in the past 7 months, I also learned things I am able to apply to my business like:
    Making sure that I am on top of everything from planning to execution; 
    Making sure that all of my employees and interns are taken cared off;
    Being a good influence and role model not just to my team, and apprentice, but also to our patrons and general public especially in terms of proper stewardship of these God given resources we have.

    It's just like having two wildly different skills of study and being able to apply concepts to each other. Being a mommy entrepinay gives me an edge on having a flexible schedule. I almost never have to leave the comfort of my home and I get to spend more time with not only my spouse but also with my 7 month old son who at this stage needs me the most. 

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