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Day 3: New Things We Learned


    As everyone looks ahead to the new year, it's also important for us to look back and take note of the important things we learned in the past year to be able to move forward properly in 2020.

    So, with 3 days to go before Christmas, we share the 3 lessons that have helped us improve ourselves, our work, our relationships, our lives.

    1. Joh

    The 5 finger prayer guide of Pope Francis which my Dad shared in the family chat group: the thumb, for the people we love, those closest to us; the index finger, for the ones who teach us so they can continue to direct others; the middle finger, for leaders; the ring finger, for those who are weak, sick and have problems; the pinky, for myself.

    2. Jo

    Driving. I was really happy attending my driving school last May. It is a new token of an idea for setting the right attitude for being a driver and mastering the knowledge of all traffic rules because, in driving, you cannot be forgetful and make stupid mistakes. Education is important. We should not be demoted to costs when it comes to knowledge.

    3. Elsie

    I should say that taking care of my ailing mom is quite hard. I learned that getting older is difficult. It's not easy to say that we can accept whatever life we will have when we get old. Even if there is preparation, our mind deteriorates because of old age and we don't know the realities around us. Dying isn't scary, it's getting old that's scary. And this is something new that I learned when I took the responsibility of taking care of my mom. 

    For most of us, 2019 had a lot of ups and downs - maybe even more of the latter. But, in many ways, we should think of it as preparation for what’s to come. Let's be reminded of the incredible lessons we’ve learned throughout this past whirlwind of a year, especially if it has been filled with lots of change.

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