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Bida ang Entrepinay: Mothers in Business


    Her heart and her hustle let her raise both her passions and her children. That’s how I would describe a mompreneur in one sentence.

    Becoming a mom and an entrepreneur is a singular, spectacular achievement. 

    They birth human beings (or nobly take them on as their own) and take on the responsibility of raising them, all while giving birth to a business. They sustain the lives of their own family and that of their employ. They generate revenue, create jobs, and lead an army through all battles imaginable. 

    I mean, it might as well be rocket science!

    So, this Mother’s Month, InLife Sheroes features moms that get the work done! Like, REALLY get the work done. They’re bound to inspire more women to get out of their comfort zones, step up their game, and follow their passion. 

    Jill Charmaine de Jesus
    4 years in business
    Facebook: www.fb/fabricatr / | Instagram:  Brickd_ph 
    Sheroes Store: Brickd.linker.store
    Mother to 3 children aged 16, 13, 11

    How did the idea for your business come about? 
    When my youngest child celebrated his 7th birthday, the theme was Lego. It took me some time to find affordable Lego or “brick” themed souvenirs and prizes for his party.  We wanted something unique that the kids would also enjoy during the party.  We purchased a second-hand jewelry engraving machine and tested it on Lego bricks.  My husband designed some bag tags / key rings and engraved names on them.  We only advertised in Carousell and eventually set up an etsy store and sold internationally.  After 1 year of doing it online, we joined some toy bazaars in Greenhills and sold the items there. 

    How do you balance your entrepinay life with your family and friends? 
    Since we also have our day jobs, the business takes a back seat when things are hectic at work or with the kids’ schooling.  We normally set aside some time during the weekends to focus on Brickd and involve the kids too as a bonding activity.  They help sort the products, take pictures and market it to their friends. It also gives us an opportunity to teach them about working hard to earn money and being more independent in case they want to become entrepreneurs someday.  

    What is the biggest challenge of being an entrepinay in the time of COVID-19? 
    We were only starting to expand to parties and developed some party kits so that the kids can make their own bracelets, key chains, magnets onsite. But because Covid-19 happened, the expansion never happened. We also weren’t able to display in our monthly bazaar in Greenhills where we get most of our customers (target market are moms and kids). With our target market not allowed to go out, we were unable to display our products. Even if we were able to continue online selling, our items are “non-essential” and so more essential items would get more exposure. Even our largest selling season (Christmas) wasn’t as high volume in 2020.  Also since we were pre-occupied with homeschooling, we weren’t able to put more attention on the social media marketing and content for the business. 

    What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to aspiring entrepinay? 
    Always try to exceed expectations.  “Pwede na” is “no pwede”. 

    What do you think is your advantage as a mommy entrepinay?
    I like chatting with customers.  Because I’m a mom myself, I would only sell products I would consider good value and that helps with selling.   Since you can design the colors and fonts of our products, I would also give advice also to my customers on what works if they’re planning it as a gift or as a party souvenir. They can relate better.


    Nora Morales Echanes
    Hanhan’s Online Dress Shop
    6 years in business
    Mother to 2 Boys aged 19 and 18 

    How did the idea for your business come about? 
    I grew up hearing the sounds of a sewing machine and scissors cutting garments upon garments that my mother would eventually make into a dress. Due to my desire to have a better life, I persevered and finished college, I worked in different companies in the Philippines and I even worked abroad, but at the end of it all I realized that my mother is getting older by the day and that her legacy should not go to waste. 
    How do you balance your entrepinay life with your family and friends? 
    Sometimes I also wonder how I get to finish all my activities for the day, though I know of one secret and that is to start your day with a prayer even if you’re very busy never forget to pray and everything turns out smoothly. With this I know that even if there are problems to come, God will always be bigger than those problems. I also make it a point to have time for my family and friends, because for me, success is having a peaceful and healthy family of course alongside my friends who always supports me.

    What is the biggest challenge of being an entrepinay in the time of COVID-19? 
    OMG!! This pandemic has been really terrible for us, we lost our job, and it’s hard to continue on without a stable income especially when thinking about my employees and not being able to pay their wages, some of them even left for other opportunities but always remember that “ Hindi kayang patumbahin ng Pandemic and mga pangarap natin” and we need to continue going forward even when we progress slowly, what’s important is that we don’t stop…..Soon we’d be written in history as those who survived the pandemic.
    What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to aspiring entrepinay? 
    My mother always said that ‘Maging matiyaga ka sa ano mang gagawin mo at sigiraduhin mong maayos and trabaho mo at habaan mo ang pasensya mo sa mga customers mo.” I will also add that you have to enjoy in what you do and to be true to your customers.

    What do you think is your advantage as a mommy entrepinay? 
    Mothers are great!! They are very flexible, and they have unyielding patience (probably from taking care of the household). They are very witty and wise and most of all they are very caring for their family and of course to their clients as well.

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