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Day 2: Things We Did For Ourselves


    Christmas is not just the most wonderful time of the year, it's also the busiest. It’s the season for celebrating, gift-giving, meeting deadlines, partying, spending double or even triple the time in traffic, catching up with people you probably didn't haven’t time to during the year.

    During this time, many experience the fallout of holiday stress by getting sick or feeling rundown. It's so easy to let self-care slip when you run on adrenaline and put yourself on hyper-speed to get everything on your list done. 

    So, today, we hear it from 2 women, who, regardless of the season, are able to put more intention into their movements.

    1. AB

    In my silent time, I usually write a letter to God or to my dad using my special notebook. All the happiness and sadness only that notebook knows about. Doing this makes me feel good because I can express myself and regain my inner peace.

    2. Mary

    Letting go of the negative people in my life is part of a lifestyle detox. I realized that the people you surround yourself with is instrumental in achieving the quality of life you want to have. 

    Don't forget to take care of yourself. It’s the best gift you can give yourself and everyone you love. Take the extra free time of the holidays and give yourself a reboot before the new year arrives and you get consumed by the routine of everyday life. 

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    AUTHOR BIO Your friendly neighborhood Shero.

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