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Day 11: Beautiful Places We Visited


    Mother Nature – one of the OG Sheroes, if I may – has filled the world with beauty beyond measure. 

    That’s why, with 11 days to go before Christmas, we look back with grateful hearts on the most unforgettable places we visited this year. Otherworldly landscapes that have made us feel so alive and left us in awe of both the natural and man-made world.

    Now, cue The Beatles song

    “There are places I’ll remember…” these 11, in particular, which were sent in by members of our community, will never be forgotten.  (You can still join the next 10 days of the countdown when you click here)

    1. Paris, France (Fam)
    I got engaged right at this very spot. :)

    2. Oslob, Cebu (Angela)
    Fresh seafood, crystal clear water, happy island dogs, beer, and jet skis all day? Couldn't get any better than that!

    3. Bangui Windmills, Ilocos (Joanne)
    I will always look back on our Ilocos tour, particularly in Bangui Windmills. It's priceless in many ways; the soul-gratifying sight of nature and my family, as I witness the calmness of sea and the windmill.

    4. Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm, Sorsogon (Meg)
    I love nature. And I had been wandering this year. There's one place I visited recently that made me want to stay forever. That is the "Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm" located at Purok Bacolod, San Roque, Bulusan, Sorsogon. It is an agri-tourism facility that harvests bees and by-products. The place is peaceful and so 'instagrammable' that I just want to lay in my back in a hammock all day long, just to enjoy the fresh breeze and the buzzing of bees. They have a wonderful infinity pool at the back and a venue for workshops or meetings. They offer great-tasting food and good accommodations.

    5. South Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada Border, USA (Danielle)
    I will never forget my first snow experience! Before this, I never knew what weather below 2 digits was like. It was so surreal.

    6. Siquijor (Joh-an)
    It’s soooooooooo cleeeeannnn.  Where they dock the boats from Dumaguete… the water is so clear you can visibly see the sand and the small fishes.  As my husband said, “May ganito pa pala sa Pilipinas,” referring to its cleanliness.

    7. Bolinao, Pangasinan (AB)
    The place where my dad was born. Patar Beach, which is connected to the Lingayen Gulf, has white sand that is so amazing.

    8. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran (Tina)
    To travel is to discover, which made Iran a destination all the more special since it’s not the most common. Iran has so many places to see! It's rich in history (Persia!), great architecture, and nice people! It's an amazing experience to see a country beyond what you just hear about it in the news.

    9. Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchiko, Japan (Jhezl)
    Mt. Fuji is in my vision board/bucket list. This trip with my family was an achieved goal!

    10. Chicago, Illinois, USA (Abigail)
    More than being a beautiful place, the purpose of the trip was to settle down my niece who got a college scholarship.

    11. Sarasota, Florida (Cristina)
    Every summer is a time to bond and celebrate family. Ca' d'Zan is a terracotta mansion in Sarasota, Florida owned by the Ringlings who also value family and love.

    There are places, whether new or re-visited, that will always hold a special place in our hearts. Aside from the incredible sights, the time we spend with those we're with is precious and makes it all the more worthwhile. This Christmas, may the festivity of the season make the relationships we keep grow stronger and longer.

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