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Day 6: Ways We Treat Ourselves


    We‘re all superwomen in our own ways. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, godmother, granddaughter, friend, career woman. All these roles, among others, we give our whole heart to fulfill. And because we go all out all the time, the superwoman ends up super tired, too. 

    So, for day 6, we reveal what everyday Sheroes do to reward and recharge themselves to #comebackstronger. 

    1. Mary

    A simple trip to the salon for a blow-dry is already a #TreatYoSelf moment for me. Also, I indulge in buying high-end makeup - which I use for my other passion - makeup artistry. 

    2. Joh-an

    Watch a Tagalog movie in Netflix

    3. Meg

    I'm a very frugal person. I treat myself by investing more. It's rewarding my future self. But for my present self, I just eat out with anything under a 500-peso budget.

    4. Abigail

    Have an unhurried, relaxed breakfast. Spamsilog for the win!

    5. Jo

    Buying and playing new games. Working continuously can be exhausting sometimes. Every time I substantially achieve something, I take big breaks by playing new games that I bought. And set up my 'me-time' by spending a significant amount of time playing. Of course, I still set aside time to be present for my priorities (family and chores).

    6. Elsie

    For every accomplishment, I really treat myself to something unforgettable. I want to make sure that my reward to myself is unique and fantastic. I've visited different places which are famous and know around the world. But I travel as much as possible to places which are undiscovered or not yet explored. I want to make sure that my gift to myself is satisfying and can be treasured. Another best treat to myself that I love most is eating my favorite chocolates paired with a cup of black coffee. With these kinds of treats, I feel that I am so blessed and very satisfied.

    The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on and recover from the year that’s passed. There’s nothing quite like full tummies and even fuller hearts to propel us into the new year.

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    AUTHOR BIO Your friendly neighborhood Shero.

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