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Day 7: People We Are Thankful For


    How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? What about WHO you have in life?

    With only a week to go before Christmas, let’s not get lost in the busyness of the season and pause to appreciate the people who have supported us in our lows, celebrated us in our highs, and just stuck it out with us in between.

    Let’s meet the 7 people who are, in their own big ways, reasons to be thankful for the most wonderful time of year.

    1. My mom (Joh-an)

    She’s always been the family’s rock. I wouldn’t have made it as a working mother if she weren’t around to take care of my children when they were still young. Now that my dad is sick, my siblings and I can still continue with our daily routine of work and taking care of our own children because she’s there 101% of the time to attend to his needs. 

    2. My aunt (Pauline)

    I’m getting married in 2 weeks and the whole event wouldn’t be possible without her. She paid for my gown, the flowers, and the food. Words can’t explain how happy my fiancé and I are. Her generosity is the best wedding present ever!

    3. My bestfriend (Jo)

    Cedlyn is my supporter. No matter how many times I fall, I can always look back and see her smiling and encouraging me to be a better person. She's that one call away person. I hope she continues spreading kindness like how she touched my life.

    4. My mentor (Atet)

    This person I look up to has humble beginnings but has risen like a Phoenix, whose achievements are beyond compare. Admiration, respect and gratitude are all that I have for this great leader, mentor, and friend. Despite being considered as the epitome of success in her career, she remains humble, kind, compassionate and generous. She never fails to inspire and motivate us to reach for the skies for she believes that everything is within our reach if we only work hard and pray hard. There is no magic in her achievements, only hard work, hard work, and hard work and above all prayers! I am forever grateful to be under your wings, our Mother Agila of Agila Financial Team of Inlife Cebu- Mercy Fiel Gurrea.

    5. My brother and my sister-in-law (Sheena)

    After I gave birth to my son, they were always at my side. And when I had to go back to work, they were the persons I trusted most to look after him. They love my son as if he was their own. They inspire me to be a better and selfless mom because of their sacrifices and generosity towards us.

    6 My husband (Mary)

    I'm thankful for my husband for motivating me to stick to our goals as a family. He is my life coach and my inspiration. I thank him for his patience in reminding every single day of what a meaningful life is about.

    7. My helper (Candy)

    My husband and I are both doctors. His parents are enjoying retirement traveling. My family is based abroad. Ate Len is a huge blessing to us. We can really see that she loves our 3-year-old and won’t let anything happen to her.

    The goodness of people is a reminder that life is beautiful. Beautiful because in all their actions and intentions, there is love. This Christmas, let’s make sure to fill our home and our hearts with love.

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    AUTHOR BIO Your friendly neighborhood Shero.

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