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Day 12: Things We Can't Live Without


    Starting today until Christmas Day, we will be featuring unforgettable moments that have made the year 2019 extra special for all you Sheroes. If you aren’t in on the fun yet, don’t sweat, you still have 11 more days to partake in our Christmas special. You can check out how here.

    Now that little bit of housekeeping is done, LET THE SHEROES COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS BEGIN!

    On the 12th day of Christmas, the Sheroes shared with me… all the things they can’t live without.

    1. Books (Mia)

    Real books with actual pages you can turn are the best! <3

    2. Rosary (Angela)

    My rosary bracelet and my faith in the Lord and my relationship with my family.

    3. Smartphone (Meg)

    If there's one thing I value, aside from God and my family, that would be my cellphone. It helped me in staying connected with my husband who is an OFW, helped me manage my online business anywhere, helped me stay up-to-date with the latest weather news and forecasts, helped me with staying in-touched with friends and family, and extended school for me! Learning and doing business at the touch of a finger, that's what I love best.

    4. Face masks (Aly)

    Both kinds! I love the Korean face masks in my beauty routine. And I also love the face masks that keep out pollution and bacteria in the air.

    5. Running shoes (Kaye)

    I was never the sporty kind. So, when an officemate invited me to join her for a run after work pampalipas traffic, I wanted to make excuses. But since traffic is so bad, I said yes. No turning back since then. Runner’s high keeps me sane in traffic.

    6. Watch (Abigail)

    I have a penchant for watches and own quite a number, you’d probably wonder if I have the time to wear all of them (yep, pun intended!). This watch, though, would be one of the most valuable for me. This belonged to my mom who passed away five years ago. I wear this on special occasions; or times when I need some “luck”; or just when I need to feel her presence.

    7. Shawl (AB)

    I’m a person who easily gets cold. Aside from that, a shawl also makes me feel safe every time I wrap myself up. It’s already a staple in my wardrobe. Especially if I’m just wearing a shirt and jeans or a simple dress, it already makes me feel elegant. #OOTD

    8. Sunblock (Alex)

    Climate change is real! Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen.

    9. Earphones (Fiona)

    I need them to survive. I need them for my music while I’m working and for my podcasts while I’m doing anything else. I feel I’m wasting time if I’m not discovering or learning something new.

    10. Carbs (Cara)

    I tried going on different diets this year to prepare for my wedding. After that entire experience, I can proudly say that I am 100% Filipino because #riceislife!

    11. Online shopping (Beth)

    I’m proud to say that I finished my Christmas shopping in November. Lazada, Shopee, and even Instagram stores. They're all blessings because I don’t have to leave the house (and brave EDSA) anymore to go to the mall. 

    12. Coffee (Judy)

    I loooove coffee. I’ve reached the point where I can’t function without it in the morning. I don’t even need food to start my day, but coffee is a must. 

    Different things hold different value to different people at different times.  That’s because we’re all different. Now, isn't that’s a beautiful thing to celebrate this Christmas.

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