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Health and Wellness Business Ideas

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Health and Wellness Business Opportunities You Should Know About! 

With the rise in interest in global wellness, it's an interesting time to think about what types of business opportunities might be worth pursuing. The value for global wellness industry is at $4.5 trillion and growing fast enough that even though many health and wellness business opportunities have been discovered, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

In celebration of Philippine heart month, we want to share some health and wellness business ideas you could consider jump starting! 

1. Online Trainer 

Are you fit and love working out? You can share your enthusiasm for staying health by starting an online fitness workshop. Play to your strengths. Love cardio? Why not start an online shadow boxing or HIIT (high intensity interval training) class? Have a strong dance background? Try teaching hip-hop, ballet, or contemporary dance classes online. Into lifting weights? You can build custom training programs that target different fitness goals for your clients.

Because so many people now choose to work out at home rather than in person, the possibilities are almost endless. All you really need is a laptop and stable WI-FI connection to get started!

2. Fitness Gear 

Would you rather sell a product rather than services? You can also look into selling fitness clothes and gear! Now there are two ways to go about this: design and produce your own workout clothes or try your hand at rebranding existing ones. There are a ton of sellers online who are open to having their pieces rebranded. Either way you go, make sure you create a unique selling point that hooks your target audience in!

3. Healthy Meals 

A wiz in the kitchen? Whip up some healthy meals to sell online! You can either sell individual meals that people can purchase at any time (think of it as a ghost kitchen) or you can create healthy meal plans where people can avail of packages for 3- or 5-days’ worth of meals.

4. Guilt-free Desserts 

Is baking more your thing? Play around in the kitchen and come up with healthy, guilt-free desserts and snacks for fitness afficionados. Perhaps swap out the butter in a cookie recipe and replace it with avocado. Or try incorporating protein powder and oats into a recipe for a nutrient-dense post-workout snack. There are tons of different recipes you can try out there!

In the era of social media businesses, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying carb-heavy and fat-laden food to satisfy our tummies while working from home. Live out your passion while successfully launching a side hustle by offering high-quality products or services that can help improve others’ quality of lives as well. 

If you need help promoting your health and wellness businesses, Sheroes has an online digital bazaar that is designed to provide women-owned online businesses a place to advertise and sell their goods and services! Let’s all work together to make the Philippines a healthier place for all.

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