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How to Prevent Skin Problems from Wearing a Mask

  • Health & Wellness


Masks are the new statement piece to every outfit. And it’s going to be this way for a long, looong time.


While masks are known to protect yourself and others against the virus, they can also cause regular and persistent skin problems – especially in our warm, tropical weather. They irritate the skin, clog pores, and flare acne. Thus, maskne was born.


Wondering how you can get your skin not to submit to the zit? Read on.


Wash your face

Always wear your mask over a clean face. Oil and dirt get trapped on our skin as it is. The whole mask situation amplifies this.


Ditch the makeup

Your mask messes up the makeup and your makeup messes up your mask. Makeup also easily gets trapped under your mask, clogging your pores causing you to breakout.


Choose right

Surgical, N95, valved, woven, cotton, leather, copper,  silicon, with built-in purifier, and the list goes on. More than how it looks, pay attention to how it fits and feels – snug but comfortable, breathable but effective.


Stay fresh

Don’t reuse surgical masks. It’s a pain to the environment to throw away, so consider reusable ones. With the latter, make sure to wash it after every use. Have a couple on rotation so you don’t get caught in between wash days.


Keep learning

There’s a lot to understand when it comes to PPEs and skin conditions. That's why it’s best to learn from the experts.


Take a meaningful break on August 27 at 10 am with InLife Sheroes and InLife Health Care. Dr. Faye Agatep-Candao, one of Flawless' resident skin professionals, will help us understand what our skin goes through because of all these PPEs and what we can do about it.




Because of COVID-19, it’s highly likely that we’ll be wearing masks for a long time. The right skin care routine and good hygiene habits can help lessen mask-related skin damage and breakouts.


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