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How You Can Earn Money in a Lockdown

  • Financial Literacy


The lockdown has gone for much longer than any of us had expected. At this point, even with a Netflix special on coronavirus, very little is still known about this stealth strain. 


While being in quarantine may have turned the lives of some people around, we can’t deny how bad it’s hit others. It’s been an incredibly difficult time in many different ways. Talk about how emotionally, mentally, and financially draining this month and a half has been!


In an attempt to address these pains, we’ve rounded up a few ways for you to get busy and make a change. Whether this comes to you in the form of a distraction, relaxation or income augmentation, filling ourselves with positive thoughts and feelings is the linchpin to survival.


Feed thy neighbor

Everybody loves food. Everybody needs food. But not everybody can go outside to buy food. And not everybody can cook their own food. This is a good space to play and here’s where you can start:

1. What others already know you’re good at – News travels fast. This will sell itself. You can count on friends and family to market for you.

2. Healthy food – We’re all trying to boost our immune system. That’s why the world’s attention is on proper diet and exercise. Healthy snacks and meals are it!

3. Easy add-ons – If it goes with rice, bread, and pasta *ting ting ting* we have a winner.

4. World cuisines  – Nobody has eaten out since March and cravings for authentic, restaurant-quality food are near unbearable. If you have access to ingredients and have the skill for it, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and Greek food (and MORE) would be much appreciated. 


Design for new brands

Naturally, all the other sellers are going to want to come up with their own brand and their own space online. It’s a good time to put yourself out there if you’re the artsy and creative kind. Not only will you be giving them something they can own (in the form of a logo and maybe even a website), but you will also be empowering entrepreneurs to get the economy going again.  


Help others with their finances

Families are being hit on all sides these days. And if the beatings of this year have revealed anything, it’s that it hurts to see others hurt. So how great and impactful it would be to alleviate some of their worries by helping them plan how they can get their finances in shape. By being a financial advisor, you have the ability to pull yourself and others up and succeed together. The world needs more wins and this is definitely a win-win. Learn more about how to #WinInLife and make a difference here.


Produce protection

This is the fashion trend of 2020. As we prepare ourselves for a General Community Quarantine, people are going to want to cover up when they need to be out in public. For this, you will be up against products shipped from China and convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores who have been low on supply for the past two months. The wise shopper will eat up your wares.


Let go of the unloved 

Take stock of the things you find yourself dusting or vacuuming satisfyingly. The feeling “satisfyingly” attached to it is important because this is a sign that it’s collected a lot of dust and getting rid of it leaves you fulfilled. Consider books, furniture, artworks, accessories, appliances, and the like. Some of them might even still be wrapped in plastic. Check your bodega and the far side of cabinets. If there are still things in there that no longer spark joy, you know what to do. 


Change your business model

If you’ve been in the game even before the pandemic started, it might all be a matter of realignment now. To better understand your situation and act accordingly, identify possible causes for disruption under each category: people, materials, method, machines, and environment. To stay relevant in the new normal, some things have to change. If it’s tweaking the product, targeting another market or shifting your payment and distribution methods, this is a good exercise to go through 

At the end of the day, the priority is really to just do your best to focus on what’s most important to YOU. No pressure, no expectations. During a time like this, it pays to stay positive and have a solution-seeking mindset. If that means leveraging on what you know now to make money in the midst of all this, you can trust that everything’s gonna be alright.

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