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New Year, New #OOTD

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If you’ve been waiting for a sign to revamp your wardrobe, this is it. The New Year doesn’t necessarily mean you’re encouraged to break the bank in owning the latest, but it’s nice to tweak and refresh when able. When it comes to fashion, it’s good to keep in mind that you’re investing in pieces you can make use of and repurpose for multiple occasions. Trend jacking is great, but if you’re only going to whip out the fishnet stockings once for one Coachella trip (or Wanderland), why waste that extra P500? 

With 2020’s bold and fresh colors to keep us invigorated, here are a few style staples, fresh from the fashion gurus’ Instagram feeds to keep us inspired for the year of bigger, brighter everything:

A visit from the 1970s

We saw a glimpse of it during the tail end of 2019, but the psychedelic prints are here to make a comeback for the most part of this year. From cocktail dresses to dress suits, swirly punches of color and patterns are making waves all over the red carpet and in haute couture. Hollywood favorite Harry Styles has never been one to shy away from his love of the bold and fun print.

All about suits

Emma Watson, Amal Clooney, Heart Evangelista, Sarah Labahti... The list of gorgeous women with a fondness for getting dolled up in power-suits is never-ending. Whether it’s a nice, sleek, monochrome number, one that’s cut in a fresh way and daring, or a cute blazer-and-shorts ensemble to show off those stems, one thing is certain -- you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and the confidence you exude will make you the bell of the ball.

A peep at all things peplum

Everyone loves a good peplum outfit! Whether a top or a dress, peplum outfits are great at accentuating your waist and bringing attention to your waistline and hips. Don’t be afraid to show off what your Mama gave you. Rip a page out of the Pantone Color Institute’s book while you’re at it and have a girl’s night out in a Classic Blue number! Fun-fact: The color blue is great for evoking feelings of trust, calm, stability, and intelligence. True blue InLife Shero, amirite?

Fun patterns, bold colors

Fun colors and patterns can work for you even during the day. You’ll find that the best pieces work best when put together. A look that’s all over New York and Korea is the preppy chic look, which is basically wearing a fitted black tee and wearing a fitted skirt in a fun pattern over it and a matching jacket to boot.

Neon fever

No, you aren't having a flashback from that one weird block party you had in college. Neon started making a comeback back in 2018 when the bikini collections of most established swimwear brands started busting them out season after season. This time, they’ve made their way into our closets in the form of heels, windbreakers, and accessories. Don’t shy away from the pop of color these elements bring to the table, but don’t go all out and dump too many pieces on you either. Start slow!

As Tim Gun said in every season of Project Runway, “Make it work.” Make it work, you shall! Go forth, and give us your best #OOTD as if Henry Cavill was bound to run into you on your way to the office pantry. Happy New Year!

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