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Perfect Side Hustles for Boss Moms to Try

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Mommies are the modern-day superheroes of every home. Whether they are full-time moms or balancing mama bear duties with their day jobs, boss moms are masters of time management and efficiency. However, divvying up your time as a mom and as a working girl can make it harder to get your desired cash flow. In this article, we will detail a few of the most popular and reliable mompreneur hustles that you can try out for yourself. Establish an additional income stream by taking inspiration from the picks below.

How Do I Go About Choosing the Best Hustle for Me?

There are plenty of ways to narrow down your choices, Mommy! Factors such the size of the capital you are willing to dedicate to this side business, as well as the time and skills that you have at your disposal. While some of the ideas we will present below are common, the uniqueness of your business will come from your own sense of self. From your best-selling recipes that are always a hit at the family handaan to your passion for art that may have taken a backseat since your LO came into the picture—there are plenty of options for you to explore and make your own.

Sell Yummy Treats Online

Do you have a way with flavors? Put your cooking mama skills to good use and cook up scrumptious dishes and delectable sweet treats that you can sell online. Especially in this pandemic, many people want a bit more variety when it comes to their meals. Offer a nostalgic taste of home by selling your creations online. Platforms like Grabfood, Instagram, or Facebook Marketplace are only a few of the options you can explore. Whip up your best dishes and take or commission food photography that you can use to create dazzling social media material that will have customers pinging your inbox in no time. 

Start a Freelance Consultancy 

Before shifting to become a full-time mommy, did you enjoy a successful career? Or maybe you are still in one now? Offer your expertise to companies in related industries by becoming a freelance consultant. Not only does this make you more marketable should you choose to return to the workforce, but it also keeps your hours flexible. This is especially important for new moms or mom with young children. Freelance consultancy is also a great option if you do not want to commit much capital. Your capital is your existing skills and valuable work experience. 

A few options you can try are creative consultancy like interior design consultancy for homes, or even graphic design consultancy for business.  Project management consultancy is also a great hustle if you have managerial or executive experience. Passionate about securing your loved ones and your finances? Put it to good use by taking up financial advisement. 

Become an Online Educator 

These days, receiving education remotely has become the norm. With all your experience being your child’s primary on-site educator by helping through their schoolwork in this pandemic, put the practice to use and apply as an online instructor. Become an online lecturer for a local university and help shape young minds. Fluent in a foreign language? Many countries pay a premium for bilingual English teachers to teach students how to speak eloquently in English for global competency.

I’m Scared of Trying Something New, Help!

While these three ideas are only the tip of ice berg when it comes to mompreneur ideas, there is nothing stopping you from coming up with your own based on what you are comfortable and confident in. Stick to your guns and we are sure that you will succeed, Shero! 

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