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Self-Love at 23


    “Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself.”

    -Coco Chanel

    Someday, down the road, you’ll come to find that you aren’t the same person that started the journey from childhood all the way up to adulthood. All the training wheels, learning curves, and challenges have highlighted very different aspects about the way we view ourselves, and all the more self-love. 

    And this got me thinking – What does self-love really mean for a 23 year old anyway? Why the clamor and intrigue towards a time where you’re at the cusp between needing permission to fly abroad and being old enough to support yourself? It’s because when you hit this magical number, you get to discover facets of yourself you never thought existed. 

    Having a new-found appreciation for all the little things

    There are fewer instances where you find yourself taking advantage of the kindness and service of others and turning a blind eye to their devotion and concern for you. You start to pick up on the time and effort they put into the things you need, and you grow more appreciative with each relationship you build. Gone are the days where you thought you had the worst parents in the world because they couldn’t get you the latest phone on the market. This time around, it’s your heart that feels heavy from all the times they pushed their fingers to the bone to give you the most beautiful life imaginable. 

    Learning to accept the fact that not all bad things were meant to harm you

    Self-love at 23 means you no longer view obstacles and challenges around you as roadblocks toward your success and happiness. On the contrary, the unfavorable circumstances that surround you push you to excel even more. You’re no longer a small child that wants to burrow their face in their mother’s skirt. You are now an arrow that understands that when it’s pulled back, being propelled forward is inevitable.

    Discovering a drive you never knew existed

    You start feeling invincible during your 20s, and being 23 means feeling like you can take on any job, any challenge, and any curveball that life decides to throw at you. As cocky and immature as it may seem, it’s an endearing trait that most of us have at this age: red-blooded, hungry, and poised to kill for the next best thing. Our idea of self-love is indulging ourselves with the things we enjoy and are good at, and having the satisfaction of being able to add another feat under our belt.

    At this point, I’m really still getting things together. Far, far away from finding the right things - the things that are meant for me. And while I feel that I’ve come to realize so much already, I know that I’ve only scratched the surface of living. The real world is definitely real. It’s not out there. It’s happening. And it’s come storming out of its corner, ready to take a swing at me. But I’m ready.

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