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Six Great Side Hustles for Teachers

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Most Lucrative Side Hustles Teachers Can Do from Home 

Without a doubt, teachers have been vital in keeping society afloat during the pandemic. In celebration of National Teacher’s Month happening from September 5 to October 5, we want to pay tribute to the extraordinary role teachers play in forming and building our nation.

Unfortunately, we’ve definitely been living during uncertain days due to the pandemic. While, thankfully, vaccines have been made and are being rolled out, the world isn’t quite ready to back to normal just yet. Because of the changing times, many businesses and livelihoods have taken a huge hit. 

If you’re on a hiatus from your teaching career or would just like to take on something else to complement your day job, here is how to earn money from a side hustle!

1. Virtual assistant 

Pandemic or not, a virtual assistant is an in-demand job these days. Many people are on the lookout for a person who can assist them with tasks like scheduling their day, encoding data, creating graphics, or even answering emails. It really depends on the company or person you apply to. The salary range greatly varies, again, depending on where you apply. If you’re lucky enough to land a VA job for an overseas client, you can even ask to be paid in Dollars or Euros to increase your earnings!

2. Private tutoring

Private tutoring used to ha

ve many constraints, such as dealing with Manila’s legendary traffic jams, finding a place to tutor, and working within a packed schedule. With everything online now, private tutoring has become more accessible and flexible both to tutors and tutees alike. 

You can optimize your time by working with two to three students at a time who are currently in the same grade level and charge a slightly lower rate, or you can work one-on-one with students and charge higher. 

3. Freelance proofreading and editing

If there’s one skill teachers have aced from all the years of teaching, it’s critiquing tons of students’ papers. This is a skill not many have and is sought after by many companies and applicants. You can find a freelancing job for editing and proofreading that works on a contractual basis.

Best of all, when you’re a freelance editor or proofreader, you get to:

Work at your own pace

Control your hours

Take on as much or as little work as you would like

Just like with the VA position, how you get paid is dependent on where you apply. Websites like Upwork connects you with employers around the world looking for various freelancers like editors and proofreaders. Pro tip: editing and proofreading is usually paid for by page (with 300 words being the average number of words per page). Don’t sell yourself short when coming up with your rate!

4. Social media manager 

Do you spend most of your free time on social media or have a knack for all things social? Why not make the most of it and earn a few Pesos while you’re online! Since a lot of companies and brands are working at creating a stronger digital presence now, they’re going to need social media or community managers who can create captions, graphics, post, or even just reply to DMs and comments on their social media accounts.

You can start by asking your favorite small business if they need help with their social media account then begin discussing their goals. The better the results you get, the more you get paid!

5. Start an online business 

Love baking or cooking? Do you spend your time crocheting? Or maybe you’re a plantita? Whatever your hobby is, you can make an online business out of it! Just take out your mobile phone and snap a few good photos of it in natural lighting. Then, create a social media account for it. Remember to update it regularly so your audience stays engaged!

6. Financial advisor

Do you have a knack at talking to people and think you could do it for a living? Do you want to help others achieve their financial goals and reach financial security? Being a financial advisor is more than just selling things to people. It involves putting their worries at ease. By joining an established insurance company such as Insular Life which has been giving Filipinos quality insurance plans for over a century, you can take pride in doing what you do. 

If you’ve started an online business, you can connect with other sellers or customers through Sheroes’ online bazaar! Allow us to help you grow your business and take it where you want to.

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