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Which Swimsuit Is Best For You?

  • Women Specific


Ideally, you’d be beach-ready year-round if you take really good care of yourself, but in reality, a number of women dread swimsuit season. But summertime = fun, so let’s embrace what we’ve got.

Downplay what doesn’t ‘spark joy’ and accentuate what you like about your body.

Small chest? Go for embellished or ruffled tops or suits with padding. Bandeaus, scoop necks, halter tops, tie-front designs, and triangle tops can give you a boost up high, while a plunging neckline communicates confidence without looking inappropriate.

Bountiful bosom? Support is everything, so steer clear of string bikinis. Look for bra-style molded cups in your size or underwire, thick straps, high backs and double-stitched bands for support. Highlight your bottom with side cutouts, straps, prints or bright colors.

Broad shoulders? Choose a solid suit with printed side panels to create a tinier waist, or an asymmetrical neckline to divert attention away from lines that emphasize your shoulders.

Pancake butt? Bring on the frills, ruching, bright colors and cute prints for your bottom. You can afford to show a bit more cheek to boost that booty.

Large hips? Off-the-shoulder designs give the illusion of an elongated clavicle to balance out your bottom. Forego skimpy styles and opt for more coverage. Plain bottoms and busy tops are the winning formula.

Boyish built? Choose feminine prints, pretty colors, and tops with cups, padding and ruching to add curves. Avoid bandeaus, boy-cut briefs or full-pieces.

Muffin top? Rely on retro styles with high-waisted bottoms to keep things in place. Peplums and maillots with ruching can also help camouflage a tummy. Deep V-necks draw attention to your face instead of your midsection. Avoid tankinis, which zone the eye in on your middle.

Short torso? Pick designs that enhance the legs and your bust. If you have a flat belly, low-rise bottoms can make your body appear leaner, while halter straps draw the eye to your neck and shoulders.

Bra overhang? Skip suits with thin straps that dig into your skin. Instead, sport suits with thicker straps and high backs to tame any bulges.

Short legs? High cut swimsuits make legs appear longer.

Thunder thighs? Bottoms with more coverage like a built-in skirt can help hide part of your thigh.

Pregnant? Tankinis give the best comfort, coverage and easy access for those frequent bathroom breaks.

Sun-sensitive? A rashguard or long-sleeved top in flattering prints is the practical choice to avoid sunburn. Balance it out with a skimpier bottom; just have a cover-up and slather on SPF 50 sunscreen.

Petite? You can shop at the girls’ section but keep away from cutesy patterns so you don’t give off a juvenile vibe. Instead, look for plain or feminine designs, delicate details, high-cut bottoms and waist peepholes; huge ruffles can overpower your frame. You can get away with string bikinis.

Tall? Horizontal stripes on two-piece numbers or cut-out maillots are for you.

Full-figured? Shirring and supportive innerwear will help your silhouette. Dark hues and small prints are safe bets; steer clear of unflattering huge prints.

In general, mestizas look striking in deep colors like black and jewel tones while brights look amazing on morenas. Take pictures in the dressing room after each fitting to test for photo-readiness. It also helps you see how you look in each outfit as you trim your choices.

The rule of thumb is to emphasize body parts you like with attention-getting colors, prints or details, and choose basic, subdued hues for your less compliant body parts.

Whatever you end up buying, wear it with the ultimate accessory: confidence

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