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Yes, We Can! Yes, The Filipino Brand Can!

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We live in a time where every Filipino is and can be an entrepreneur.


With virus-containment measures likely to be in place for much, much longer, we will definitely see life continue to change and create new needs for people. This period of adjustment and discovery that the world is going through is the cue for the business-minded to get moving. It’s also a time for Filipino ingenuity and creativity to shine through.


New things may need to be invented and new business models may need to be designed to adapt to the changing times, but the mindset needed to succeed remains the same. And to realize that YES, WE CAN do this, we don’t have to look very far.


 “Yes, The Filipino Brand CAN!” shares the mindset and strategies of 10 successful Filipino entrepreneurs and brand builders. This book by Sherill Quintana provides an experience that will put you in the shoes of these business owners and give you a glimpse of their difficult yet rewarding climb to the top. She presents how truly Filipino brands like Jollibee, Max’s, Bench, RFM, Malagos Chocolates, Mama Sita’s succeeded, so that other Filipinos may learn and also succeed.


The golden thread is how they leveraged on their being Filipino – upholding Filipino values and focusing on serving the Filipino people. As a result, these brands have come to represent the Filipino culture and have formed part of our national identity. They give us good reason to take pride in our products, to support them, and to be inspired to make our own contributions.


At this point, many of us are still finding our footing to thrive and even to survive in these extraordinary times. Some diving into new businesses; others pivoting to keep an existing one afloat. But because we are Filipino, we’ve shown up with fortitude and heart, and we will prove that YES, WE CAN!


Get your copy of “Yes, The Filipino Brand CAN!” here


Sherill Ramos Quintana is the founder and president of Oryspa Spa Solutions, Inc., the number one maker of 100% natural rice bran-based health and beauty products in the Philippines. Aside from being a multi-awarded entrepreneur, she serves as a passionate mentor and professional speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, branding, franchising, and strength-base coaching. She is currently the president of the Philippine Franchise Association and one of the founding ambassadors of InLife Sheroes, a movement that seeks to empower Filipino women through financial education and health and wellness.

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