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Nov 03, 2020

InLife Sheroes Partners with Mu Sigma Phi for Health Education

The InLife Sheroes Program is an advocacy to empower Filipino women’s socio-economic, health, and well-being by focusing on four main pillars: (1) financial education, (2) health & wellness education, (3) women-specific solutions, and (4) access to social and business networks.


To further its commitment to promoting health and wellness, InLife Sheroes has sealed a partnership with Mu Sigma Phi, the first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.


Mu Sigma Phi's Health Caravans, particularly the Women Empowerment And Literacy Through Health Education (WEALTH) campaign provides lectures on women’s general health and women-related diseases like cervical and breast cancer. WEALTH also conducts free breast examinations and pap smears, immunizations and vaccine administration.


Young Filipino girls also have much to gain with the Children-focused Initiative for Literacy and Development (CHILD) campaign. The campaign has given rise to an educational and entertaining video series called “MUnting Kwento.”


The first short story, called “Hope for Naomi,” teaches young Filipinos to stay safe and be hopeful no matter what. It dishes out a timely lesson in a confusing, changing covid world.

The second installment, "Captain Bumabahi," tells the story of a superhero’s kryptonite; thus, revealing the importance of keeping homes and communities clean.

The third video is called "Dodong and the Candlelight Spirit." which is about a little boy who gets into an accident playing with fire. It's a lesson for audiences young and old about fire safety and prevention. 

"Let No One In," the fourth video of the Mu SIgma Phi and InLife Sheroes backed series, highlights the importance of young Filipinos making smart decisions to keep themselves safe. A theme that rings more resonantly during these extraordinary times of COVID-19 and lockdowns. 

Evolving with the times is "Tonton's Game," the fifth of the series and the first of 2021, which is an effective reminder to use digital devices more responsibly and respectively. 



These short videos were created to spread awareness and capacitate Filipino people of all ages and backgrounds to proactively take care of their health – a clear intersection with the vision of InLife Sheroes to unify women from diverse fields to empower them to live healthier, wealthier, and more meaningful lives.


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