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Oct 01, 2021

Say #InAko to Financial Empowerment and Be a Part of the InLife Sheroes Movement!

Modern Filipinas are tough and are empowered in many aspects. Forbes found that 90% of key financial decision-makers at home are women, but unfortunately, S&P Global FinLit Survey revealed that only 30% of women are financially literate. This is the glaring reality we must face: the lack of financial literacy in Filipino women, as the financial gatekeeper of Filipino households, puts their family at risk of financial insecurities – and the struggles brought by the pandemic makes it even harder to cope and achieve true financial empowerment.

We need to change this. We can change this.

The InLife Sheroes Movement champions financial empowerment and provide equal opportunities by enabling more Filipinas to pursue financial literacy.  Through educating women, we can increase their confidence in managing finances and making the right financial decisions for their households especially now that we’re living in uncertain times when our health is always at risk.

So, whether you’re a single mom raising kids on your own, an OFW wife who manages the family while your husband works abroad, a young professional with lots of dreams and hopes, or simply a Filipina who wants to keep her family financially secured, the InLife Sheroes Movement can provide Filipinas basic financial literacy and give opportunities for growth towards achieving financial empowerment for yourself, your families, and ultimately for a financially inclusive nation.

Say #InAko and be part of the movement!  Reach out to us and let’s start your journey to a lifetime for good now.

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