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Day 10: Women Who Inspire Us


    The world is filled with awesome women who inspire us every day because of the work they’ve done to make our lives better. And “10” seems like a nice, round number to dedicate to them. 

    So, on the 10th day before Christmas, let’s celebrate 10 unique women who, no matter the challenges they face, forge ahead with confidence knowing that they’re making a difference. (But first, join day 9 and the rest of the countdown here.)

    The 10 Sheroes we‘re going to give a little love to today are: 

    1. Sharon Cuneta (AB)

    Some people say that I look like her when my hair was still straight. She inspiring because she’s a woman who’s faced a lot of controversies in life - from her teenage years until the time she got married and had her own family. She’s a woman who never gives up and continues to fight for herself and her family. 

    2. Maria Ressa (Cat)

    Her courage to stand up for truth and freedom against the powers that be is what I admire most about her. 

    3. Angel Locsin (May)

    To be named one of the most generous charity donors in Asia (next to a Sy, no less) speaks volumes of the kind of person she is. You’d imagine someone in showbiz her age to be spending on jewelry, luxury travel, and other pretty things. Super pleasant surprise!

    4. Michelle Obama (Mich)

    The former FLOTUS! And my namesake! I read her book, “Becoming,” and it woke me up. I need to do something to make the world a bit better than how I found it.

    5. VP Leni Robredo (Joh-an)

    Despite the odds in her work, her difficult position where her boss doesn’t like her, she just continues to do what she does and brings good to our countrymen.  Even when unfair remarks are hurled at her, she chooses to take the higher road, speaks her mind a bit, then goes back to work. 

    6. Ellen Degeneres (Kate)

    Aside from being one of the funniest people on planet earth, Ellen exudes kindness. She gives a lot of stuff away, she’s an animal rights activist, and she’s an LGBT rights advocate with a lot of influence. 

    7. Tessie Sy-Coson (Malou)

    She breaks down the gender barrier. Among the children of Henry Sy, she seems the most prominent. To be the leader of the biggest bank in the country is incredible! Talk about woman power!

    8. Gina Romero (Meg)

    I admire a lot of women, but this year it's Ms. Gina Romero, founder of Connected Women. I had met her last year, and she's very brilliant and humble. ConnectedWomen.co is like InLife Sheroes where women can connect, share, and learn. They encourage work at home. Someday, I will be an empowered woman like her, to make a positive change to every life I touch.

    9. Gina Lopez (Krissy)

    Here's a woman who lived for purpose. I got to meet her a few times and every time I did, I could really feel her passion radiating. I like up to her for all that she's done for the earth and I've become more conscious and more proactive in doing my part because of her.

    10. Sanna Marin (Fiona)

    At 34 years old, she is the youngest head of government in the world. She will lead a coalition government with five women in top spots, four of whom are under 35. What am I doing with my life?

    These women have a lot in common – motivation, determination, drive, ambition, among other things. But, what really sticks out is passion. They put what they love, their purpose, at the center of each day.

    This Christmas, may we remember to put at the center of all the merry-making, the true purpose of the season.

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