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Day 9: Mood-Boosting Foods


    Food, glorious food! It’s fuel, it’s comfort, it’s a foundation of culture, it’s loaded with memories, it’s the source of life. 

    With 9 days to go, we prepare ourselves for a long night of feasting on Christmas Eve by being thankful for the blessings that have helped us charge through the year, i.e. FOOD! 

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    Okay, let’s not delay. Beware the wrath of a hangry woman. Here are the 9 mood-boosting foods that have allowed some power women to power through their off days. 

    1. Ice cream (ABgail) 

    After a long day of meetings at work (especially when the discussions are hot), I usually eat ice cream to calm me down. My favorite flavors are rocky road, pistachio, and avocado

    2. Papaya (Jo)

    Papaya has really been my go-to food ever since, knowing its benefits for younger looking skin. Every time I watch, play, and read, I have a small plate filled with papayas by my side and eat every now and then, instead of popcorn or junk foods.

    3. Ramen (Abigail)

    I think I was Japanese in my past life. A bowl of ramen is a hug for my soul.

    4. Chocolates (Elsie)

    This food is my favorite treat for all my achievements and whenever I am lonely. 

    5. Donuts (Danielle)

    I used to have a donut every day after lunch for 2 straight years. And then I became more conscious about my health and felt guilty every time I had one. Now they’re like my Scooby Snacks – an incentive for good work.

    6. Avocado (Mel)

    Call me hipster all you want but avocado toast is my jam! 

    7. Sushi (Kim)

    I love sushi because while it looks so simple, it’s so complicated. Every single ingredient that goes into it is meticulously prepared to create that tiny perfect bite. 

    8. Bacon (Iza)

    There are no words. Bacon is love. 

    9. Overnight oats (Mara)

    I have it everyday because it’s so easy to make. It’s sweet but still very healthy. It’s filling but also good for weight loss. And when you’re so used to preparing it, it’s also quite pretty. 

    There's no doubt about it. Christmas is definitely a time for food, fun, family, and friends. 

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