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12 Days of Sheroes: Christmas Countdown


    So, here we are. It’s December and another year is about to come to a close. 

    Just as we start to get into the groove of the holiday season – who are we kidding? Christmas in the Philippines started in September – let’s turn up the merriment and relive the highlights of 2019 together. We want to hear all about how your year went and we want the entire Sheroes community to learn from them, draw inspiration from them, and enjoy them, too. 

    So, for InLife Sheroes’ very first Christmas celebration, let’s share the moments that have defined us and refined us as we countdown to the most wonderful time of the year!

    Here’s how to be part of it.

    1. Sign up to InLife Sheroes by creating an account here: www.inlifesheroes.com/register

    2. Look back on the events of 2019 and see which of these themes you relate to.

    Day 12: Something I can’t live without - We’re aiming for a zero-waste future, that’s why we carefully select the things we buy and own. What's a prized possession that you've come to value very much?


    Day 11: A beautiful place I visited - The world is begging for it to be explored. Bless our browsers with some of these staggeringly gorgeous sights.


    Day 10: A woman who inspired me - Whether she’s someone you know personally or someone you look up to on Instagram, Vogue or Forbes - we’d like to get to know her, too!

    Day 9: Mood-boosting foods - We’re talking kamote to A5 wagyu beef. What’s a surefire snack or dish that will make you happy?

    Day 8: An awesome photo I took - A moment, a landscape, a person, a meal, a meme-worthy photo — it can be anything that you took and are proud to show off.

    Day 7: A person I'm thankful for - Who are the men, women, and friends who have inspired you, helped you, challenged you to be better this year? Go and flex them!

    Day 6: A special way I treat myself - To each her own. Tell us how you #TREATYOSELF after accomplishing something big. 

    Day 5: A challenge I conquered - Your only limit is you! Personal or professional, what have you overcome this year? Share with us how brave a Shero can be.

    Day 4: A goal to get after In 2020 - Self-improvement is an ongoing process. Let us know what’s in store for you next year. After all, we’re here to support you.

    Day 3: Something new I learned - We learn something new everyday. Out of all of them, which ones were helpful, meaningful or interesting to you?

    Day 2: Something I did for myself - Remember: self-care isn't selfish. Whether it's a healthy habit you picked up, an act that you did or didn't do to love yourself, we'd like to know.

    Day 1: My wish this Christmas - We’re past asking for our 2 front teeth. So, what’s that one thing you feel will make everything alright this Christmas?

    3. Submit your entries by sending an e-mail to letstalk@inlifesheroes.com using your registered InLife Sheroes e-mail address for a chance to be featured in our Christmas countdown series.

    Countdown starts on Day 12 = December 14, 2019. Deadline for submission is 2 days before posting. Feel free to submit as many entries as you want. 

    4.Make sure to include your name - whether an alias or your first name - so we can properly acknowledge you.

    The year 2019 will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for being a big part of ours and for making InLife Sheroes part of yours! May we always be grateful and thankful for the small, yet oh so important, things in our lives.

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