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Do What You Love and the Rest Will Follow

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Make no mistake; even the people and the things we love and value the most will hurt us. Even the loveliest causes or reasons for pursuing something will lead us into scenarios where we question why we started in the first place. You’ve heard it time and time again, that great things in life don’t come easy, and that setbacks only make us stronger and wiser, but I know there are days where the trite advice can get annoying. 

Which is why the most important thing you have to weigh when considering your career path is always if you genuinely and sincerely love the work you do. Why? Because love is the last thing that will leave you feeling inadequate when the rest of the world is. When you stick it out in a job that you could honestly see yourself doing for the long haul, when coming clocking in at work doesn’t feel like a chore, when the work that you do is towards the betterment of other people, it hits you differently. 

You are no longer just driven by the allure of money and climbing the corporate ladder. You’ll come to find that when these factors are thrown out the window and you’re left with a sense of obligation to follow your moral compass and put your happiness, health, and interests before other pressing matters, you are the best you’ve ever been in a long while. 

Yes, providing for yourself and your loved ones is important, but not at your expense. There is beauty in sacrifice and struggle. The kind of beauty it exudes is otherworldly. But it’s a case to case basis. Being a martyr on purpose despite having other opportunities to pursue and excel in isn’t noble; it’s ridiculous. Working hard is great, but working smart is even better. 

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