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Sheroes' Desk

A space where our subject matter experts level with you and share their insight on all things related to financial literacy, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, and connections of social and business networks.

Shero-Moms Talk About Family And Career Success

Meet the working moms of the InLIife Sheroes She Inspires Circle who have survived the anguish, by not choosing either/or, but by giving their best to both.

FQ Workshop Held in Ilocos Norte for Gabay Guro 2020

Teachers are always a great audience, and it was even more fun because I had the chance to speak my FQripot language in the land of the frugal.

Let Us Empower Women Through High FQ (Part 2 of 2)

Poverty is the most disempowering force on earth! It can kill a woman's dreams. This is the reason why we need to teach women and help them have a high FQ!

Let Us Empower Women Through High FQ (Part 1 of 2)

After learning about real stories of women worldwide, I realize it's not a simple case of women standing their ground. It is a societal problem that should be solved by all of society!

Use Catchy Terms To Avoid Nosebleed Finance Talk

Finance talk becomes a lot less boring and easier to understand when you throw in catchy terms and memes into the picture. No FOMO here mga LODI!


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