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Day 5: Challenges We Conquered


    Sound the alarm! The countdown is down to one hand with only have 5 days to go before Christmas!

    As we inch our way to the most wonderful time of the year, let’s look back on the challenges that have made 2019 truly a year to remember. The ups and downs and lefts and rights that have allowed us to stretch ourselves to achieve far more than we thought we could. 

    1. Abigail

    Turned my hobby (soap-making) into a small online business. It’s a one-woman operation from concocting my own recipes, learning how to sell online, doing my own marketing, packing my products while keeping a full time 8-5 job. 

    2. She

    I’m gradually overcoming my Escalaphobia (Fear of Escalators) through actually using it when going down knowing that we work near a mall. It sounds odd, but little by little I need to face it without having panic attacks. 

    3. Jo

    Changing careers. In mid-2019, I was faced with a challenging decision -- whether I should stay at my previous company (an external audit firm) or leave for personal reasons. Yes, I loved my job, but it was taking so much time away from my "life after work." Weighing its pros and cons, I realized time is much more valuable than money since I cannot earn my time back. Thus, with a heavy heart, I decided to leave. Thankfully, I was hired by Insular Life and have since been able to spend my time very well - with my family, new friends, and pursuing further studies. I guess I made the right decision.

    4. Elsie

    Every day, there are trials and challenges in life whether it is personal, professional or both. My policy in life is to consider every problem a challenge. Each solution to whatever problems I encountered is an achievement. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves for every endeavor, in order to get the most of it. There will be no improvements or success if there is no challenge. I consider becoming a financial advisor of InLife this year is a big challenge that I conquered.

    5. Mary

    I was able to challenge myself to make better choices - trying to start our journey for sustainable living and going organic/natural. I even took the plunge and enrolled in a soap-making class. It feels good to be in control of your life, knowing that you always have a choice and the power to transform your life for the better. 

    Through all these challenges, we pushed ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. Now that Christmas is upon us, may we find comfort, love, and joy in the warmth of our homes and our hearts.

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    AUTHOR BIO Your friendly neighborhood Shero.

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