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Screen Time and Eye Health

  • Health & Wellness


With all the time we’re spending indoors, we have been exposing ourselves for much longer hours to screens big and small, for work and entertainment. It’s how we get everything done these days. While convenient, it also takes a toll on our eyes and leads to digital eye strain.


As we probably won’t be able to cut back on the use of these digital devices just yet, we can take active steps to protect our eyes while using them.


Join us on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, in a learning session on Eye Health and Digital Eye Strain

 hosted by our partners at Insular Health Care.


Dr. Christine Fernandez-Fabian, the CEO and Chief Optometrist of Celebrity Optical and Best Value Optical will help us understand what all this screen time is doing to our eyes and how we can take care of our vision while there still is no definite end to working from home.


We know there are many things to think about and balance right now. But knowledge and understanding that will help us commit to small actions of self-care can help us protect one of our most precious assets: our vision.

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